Profile of School of Public Administration

日期:2016-04-08 编辑:


    The school of public administration was founded in April, 2011. Presently, the school has four undergraduate programs which are public utility management, administrative management, Labor and Social Securityand urban management and three postgraduate programs which are administrative management, Chinese and Foreign Political Institution and educational economyand management. There are 1521 college students, including 1025 undergraduate students and 496 postgraduate students. In addition, there are more than 160students who take the second bachelor’s degree.  



      Faculty and Staff:

Presently, the school consists of 40 faculties and staffs, including 30 full-time teachers. Half ofthe full-time teachers are those whose titles are above associate-high andabout 90% of the full-time faculties have a Ph.D or study for a Ph.D. Inaddition, there are 16 part-time master supervisors. Currently, the construction of the faculty has developed with certain achievements.  


      Teaching and Research:

The school has a solid foundation in teaching and research with MPA Education Center of Shandong Normal University, Center for the Study of Religious Affairsand Social Governance and Rural Development Research Center. The MPA programin Shandong Normal University includes five directions: government management, educational administration,electronic government affairs management, environmental and natural resource management and social security and management. Up to now, 700 masters of public administration has graduated, most of them work in the party and government organs, some of them has become leading cadres at all levels.  


       The school takes charge of four projects of the national social science fund, the national natural science fund and the national education science fund, nearly 20 provincial projects, and itparticipates in more than 40 national and provincial projects, gets more than20 rewards for outstanding achievements in social sciences in Shan dong provinceand social science achievements of colleges and universities in Shan dong. The institute published a number of academic papers in national publications withgood social impact such as in the theoretical version of the People's Daily,Chinese Public Administration and so on.  



    The school promotes there form of teaching actively. The goal of the school is to train senior managerto satisfy the needs of the new century. It learns domestic and international experience actively to implement all-around teaching reform and strengthen the construction of specialized majors. In addition, the school presides and takes part in compiling more than 150 teaching materials, of which many textbooks have been adopted by many universities for undergraduate. The school constructs10 excellent courses while completing 16 projects of teaching results,constructing 1 specialty teaching team in which two people won the national excellent teaching award of MPA and teaching management award.