Introduction to Urban Management

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   The system of the major of city management is for four years. This major cultivates the inter-disciplinary talents who can adapt to the need of economic development of the contemporary society and the urban construction andmanagement. The talents should also have the basic theoretical knowledge of Modern Economics, Management Science, Sociology, and Urban construction management and can accept the training of general management method, and basic quality of management and ability. They master the basic methods, means and skills of modern urban planning, construction and management, too. They can also engage in the research of urban management and related policies and regulations in the urban construction department, city management Organization,Urban social groups, enterprises and institutions, town community, and educational scientific research department, etc.This major is a characteristic  specialty that is urgently needed by the development of urban management in China who seprofessional talents have a broad employment prospects.


    Main courses:

Introduction to Urban Management,

Urban Economics,

Principles of  Urban Planning,

Urban Community Management,

Urban Sociology,


Social Statistics,

Social Survey Method,

Western Economics,

Higher Mathematics,

Professional Foreign Language, etc.